ADAPTEC ICP9024RO Treiber Download kostenlos (ver. 1.­1.­5-2429)

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ADAPTEC ICP9024RO (ver. 1.­1.­5-2429) TGZ freigegeben 2006.08.24.

Datei Heruntergeladen 0 Mal und angeschaut 2180 Mal.

Kategorie SCSI-RAID Controller
Gerät ICP9024RO
Betriebssystem Linux
Version 1.­1.­5-2429
Dateigröße 41.97 Mb
Dateityp TGZ
Freigegeben 2006.08.24
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ICP5085BR,­ ICP9085LI,­ ICP9047MA,­ ICP9087MA,­ ICO9014RO,­ and ICP9024RO driver diskette and driver CD images v1.­1.­5-2429 for RHEL 3,­ RHEL 4,­ SuSE 7.­3 through 10.­0,­ SLES 8,­ SLES 9 and many others.­ There may be additional files included for some operating systems that are not officially supported such as UnitedLinux,­ CentOS and Fedora Core.­ These are provided for your convenience.­ Installation Instruction: Installation instructions can be found in the User's Guide available on the CD that was included with the product or as a download from the Documentation section.­ Notes: The driver diskettes included are intended for use with new Linux installations.­ Determine the correct kernel version and identify which diskette images contain drivers for that kernel by seeing the included Readme.­txt.­ If the file ends in .­img,­ create the appropriate driver diskette using rawrite (under Linux) or RawWrite for Windows.­ If the file ends in .­iso,­ create a CD using any CD writing software that can burn an ISO image to CD.­

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