ADAPTEC 3405 Dynamic Kernel Module Source Code Treiber Download kostenlos (ver. 1.­1.­5-2442)

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Dynamic Kernel Module Source Code (ver. 1.­1.­5-2442) TGZ freigegeben 2007.03.22.

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Kategorie SATA-RAID Controller
Gerät 3405
Betriebssystem Linux Driver Source Code
Version 1.­1.­5-2442
Dateigröße 194 Kb
Dateityp TGZ
Freigegeben 2007.03.22
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This compressed tarball contains the Linux DKMS support for a variety of different Linux distributions.­ Using DKMS on a Linux Development Build Environment allows the user to build and install drivers for that system,­ build drivers for different systems,­ and make driver diskettes from a set of built drivers.­ Caution: The source code is provided on an "as is" basis for building and installing the drivers on unsupported versions of Linux.­ Installation Instruction: For details on building and installing source code on unsupported versions of Linux please see your Linux documentation.­ Notes: Please see the included Readme file for a full list of supported Adaptec and ICP RAID controllers.­

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