ADAPTEC 3405 BIOS Download kostenlos (ver. 5.­2.­0 b15753)

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ADAPTEC 3405 (ver. 5.­2.­0 b15753) ZIP freigegeben 2008.10.02.

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Kategorie SATA-RAID Controller
Gerät 3405
Betriebssystem BIOS
Version 5.­2.­0 b15753
Dateigröße 1.4 Mb
Dateityp ZIP
Freigegeben 2008.10.02
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Adaptec RAID 3405 Firmware/­BIOS Update b15753.­ This self-extracting archive includes the flash utility AFU.­EXE,­ the BIOS image files,­ the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) for DOS named ACUSAS.­EXE,­ and Release Notes.­ See the Release Notes for a description of the release.­ Installation Instruction: The controller firmware can be flashed using Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM) or the flash utility AFU that is included with this download.­ AFU Instructions: Once the files are extracted please copy each *.­ufi file individually to a separate floppy disk.­ If this is not done,­ you may encounter read errors from one of the files when flashing the controller.­ Shut down the operating system and reboot to DOS from a bootable floppy disk.­ Insert the floppy with the update files.­ Run the flash utility program named AFU.­EXE included in this download to backup the current BIOS and flash the new BIOS image.­ For instructions on how to update the firmware using Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM),­ please refer to the ASM User's Guide or the ASM online help.­

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