ADAPTEC 2230SLP Dynamic Kernel Module Source Code Treiber Download kostenlos (ver. 1.­1.­5.­2400)

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Dynamic Kernel Module Source Code (ver. 1.­1.­5.­2400) TGZ freigegeben 2005.05.18.

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Kategorie SCSI-RAID Controller
Gerät 2230SLP
Betriebssystem Linux Driver Source Code
Version 1.­1.­5.­2400
Dateigröße 184 Kb
Dateityp TGZ
Freigegeben 2005.05.18
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This compressed tarball contains the Linux DKMS support for a variety of different Linux distributions.­ Using DKMS on a Linux Development Build Environment allows the user to build and install drivers for that system,­ build drivers for different systems,­ and make driver diskettes from a set of built drivers.­ Installation Instruction: The aacraid-dkms-1.­1.­5.­2400.­tgz package includes two RPMs: dkms-2.­0.­5-1.­noarch.­rpm and aacraid-1.­1.­5-2400dkms.­noarch.­rpm Download both RPM files onto a temporary directory (/­tmp) Change to /­tmp directory and untar the package: cd /­tmp tar xvzf aacraid-1.­1.­5.­2400.­tgz Install the rpms: rpm -Uvh dkms-2.­0.­5-1.­noarch.­rpm rpm -Uvh aacraid-1.­1.­5-2400dkms.­noarch.­rpm Use the various dkms commands to accomplish your goals: Build and install a driver: dkms add -m aacraid -v 1.­1.­5.­2400 dkms build -m aacraid -v 1.­1.­5.­2400 dkms install -m aacraid -v 1.­1.­5.­2400 Build a driver for a different system other than native: dkms build -k 2.­4.­21-4.­ELsmp -m aacraid -v 1.­1.­5.­2400 dkms install -k 2.­4.­21-4.­ELsmp -m aacraid -v 1.­1.­5.­2400 Make a driver disk from a set of built drivers: dkms mkdriverdisk -k 2.­4.­21-4.­ELBOOT,­2.­4.­21-4.­ELsmp,­2.­4.­21-4.­EL \ -d redhat -m aacraid -v 1.­1.­5.­2400 Check current status of dkms: dkms status Requirements: 1.­ aacraid-driverdisk-1.­1.­5-2400-i686.­img won't work with the "linux noprobe dd" option during a fresh Linux installation.­ Please use "linux dd" instead.­ 2.­ A logical drive/­array has to be configured before installing the linux driver using aacraid-driverdisk-1.­1.­5-2400-i686.­img file during a fresh Linux installation.­ If there are no logical disks configured on the card.­ The following message appears: No devices of the appropriate type were found on the driver disk.­ Notes: The driver RPM is in DKMS format and requires user to install dkms rpm (dkms-2.­0.­5-1.­noarch.­rpm) first.­ Additional support documentation: man dkms download http:/­/­linux.­dell.­com/­dkms/­dkms-ols2004.­pdf for theory and practice

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